What to Consider When Buying a Standby Generator for Your Business

There are a number of things to consider when buying a standby generator for your business. The last thing you want to do is fail to take all factors into account.

Here’s the situation: You have decided you need a standby generator for your business. Before you start to do research on the advantages of different types of fuels or try to figure out the load requirements of your building, take a step back.

Take a moment to review the considerations put together by the team of experts at T&T Power Group, so you will make the right decision when choosing your standby generator.

Server and Data Backup

If your organization relies heavily on an internal server or database for its operations, this is the first thing you will want to consider. This is common for IT companies, tech firms or businesses operating in the financial services sector. Data is incredibly valuable in the modern age. Make sure you have access to it when you need it, by providing enough load capacity to backup your server. You will thank yourself later when you are able to access important data during a power outage.

Food Spoilage

Businesses like grocery stores, convenience stores, restaurants or hotels will all need to pay careful attention to the demands of their food refrigeration units. Even a few hours without power during the hot summer months can cause a massive amount of food spoilage. Protect your business from the possibility of this financial hit with your standby power generation system. Even if food spoilage is not your primary concern, it is important that your backup power system is prepared to handle this electrical load.

Safety Regulations

Emergency and standby power systems are required by law for many organizations and government facilities in Canada, especially for healthcare facilities (HCFs), hospitals and fire stations. Ensure you are aware of the provincial standards governing your organization’s legal requirements. Larger buildings may need to provide emergency power to ventilation systems, elevators, and other essentials. This is not the place to cut corners. A proper standby generator can save lives in an emergency.

Process Waste

What happens when your business’s internal production process is interrupted? Can half-finished products be completed or recycled without substantial loss? If you answered ‘no’, then it will be very important to select a standby generator that will kick in automatically and without downtime. Dealing with a large amount of process waste after a power outage can have a huge impact on profits—even after a single occurrence. Find a power generation system that will protect you from this risk.


Just In Time Manufacturing (JIT), Short Cycle Manufacturing (SCM) or Continuous Flow Management (CFM) is becoming more and more common. If you’re part of a chain of supply that cannot afford interruption, a standby generator will be necessary. Do your large contracts depend on you to deliver products in a specified time frame? If so, a standby generator will ensure that you meet your deadlines and maintain these relationships. The success of your business may depend on it.

Of course, these are only a few of the considerations that should be addressed when buying a commercial standby generator for your business. Talk to the team of experts at T&T Power Group and we can help walk you through the process of selecting the right power generation system for your business or government facility.

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Posted by Bill Henderson | Feb 27, 2019 | Categories: Power Generation