How to Choose the Right Size Natural Gas Generator for Your Home

When it comes to generator sizing, is it better to go bigger?

When it comes to many things in life, we believe that bigger = better. We want the biggest house, the biggest boat, the ring with the most sparkle. As individuals, we are simply attracted to luxuries in scale.

Even when it comes time to purchase a power generator, people tend to inquire about the “biggest” – partly because they want to make sure it will protect their investments, but also because of the tendency to believe that bigger is always better.

The fact is, residential generators come in a variety of different sizes… and it can be challenging to know which size is best for a particular space.

This raises the question:
What size natural gas generator do I actually need?


Let’s talk about your options...

In a residential generator setting, people are primarily concerned about looking after their families. They want to make sure that the lights will come back on if there is a power failure. For the most basic of installations, natural gas generators start at around 8kW. These would struggle to be a reliable option beyond the lights, water pump, and electric heating in an average home, and would really be more ideal for a cottage or a driving shed.

Moving up in size, the 10kW generator provides some extra support, and perhaps you could squeeze out some refrigeration and air conditioning. With that said, the 12kW is often a reliable choice for the average home. These can run most appliances and water pumps, as well as supply heating, in addition to some other extras.

Progressing forward, the 17kW and 20kW sizes are ideal for larger establishments, providing the power needed to run everything in a household like air conditioning as well as luxury items like hot tubs, personal growing apparatuses, and multiple televisions. Furthermore, options are available for even larger dwellings. If, for instance, you have made the right fiscal life choices, inherited a family fortune, or just find yourself waking up in a lovely 3-story, 25-bedroom, 5-bath estate – then residential generators are certainly available up to 150kW. There are even options where you can continuously produce your heat and power using combined heat and power (CHP/ cogeneation) – but this is a topic for a later discussion.

Let our team provide a complimentary assessment of your residential space

Getting your home assessed is a critical part of successful generator sizing.

Fortunately, a T&T power generator expert can come to your home to determine what your average load is, while also considering the size of your home, as well as which systems you’ll be running during a blackout. These visits do not take much time, are free of charge, and are valuable to both you and our team member. You learn exactly which appliances in your home are drawing the most power, we learn what it takes to install a unit in your home, and together, we begin to build a working relationship with great communication.

After ruling out whether you need a natural gas generator for your home, the next step will always be determining size. Now, just like that triple burger at Harvey’s, you’ll also have to acknowledge that bigger is not always better.

Investing in the appropriately sized natural gas generator for your home will provide the security, safety, and peace of mind that you deserve.



Posted by Reuben Siebenga | Oct 2, 2019 | Categories: Power Generation