Energy Solutions for a More Balanced, Healthy Planet

The world needs energy. And as Canadians, we’re truly blessed with an access to power that allows us to live comfortably and conveniently.

Energy is required for just about everything we do on a daily basis. We’re a large country, and transportation creates a need for energy to take us all around. We’re also a cold country, and keeping ourselves warm requires a lot of power. We are also invested in a lot of energy intensive industries – with the oil and gas, manufacturing, and agricultural sectors demanding substantial energy loads.

But what would happen if more underdeveloped countries transitioned to more energy-intensive industries, or sought to improve their quality of life? Where would this needed energy come from? What would these solutions look like? And how can we, as Canadians, continue to inspire the world in creating energy solutions to provide a quality of life that all global citizens strive for?

Think about it.

Solutions will need to be achieved through innovation, efficiency and a shared common goal: environmentally favorable energy that provides for the needs of evolving businesses and lifestyles.

With that said, there are many solutions that are being discovered, refined, researched, and developed. Some use new technologies, as seen in the newly developed energy vault. There are ongoing advancements with battery innovation and implementation. The advancements in solar power are continuing to bring the feasibility of this type of energy production forward. Fuel cells are another solution that when coupled with the right application, are pushing the ball forward.

Cogeneration is a proven technology that has been around since Edison first created the first central power station. With the rising costs of electricity, and when there is a need for thermal heat or absorbed chilling, this solution is being applicably installed.

With all of these solutions, the critical point remains that we need to diversify and apply solutions that both work efficiently and provide us with the energy that we need. As newer technologies continue to appear on the scene like the energy vault, investors are looking at reducing their carbon footprint and applying a solution that will provide a greener tomorrow, while also providing for their energy needs.

When these technologies are installed along with other energy storage solutions, the potential for them to help alleviate the demand for energy elsewhere helps create needed energy solutions. These alternatives have a place, an application, and help bring us closer to becoming more efficient in our energy consumption and distribution.

These solutions all have a place in our distributed energy networks.

The advancements in renewable energy are bringing the future closer to us, regardless of whether this means cheaper solar panels, wind powered systems that are less invasive on their surrounding environments, or batteries that are capable of providing storage to captured energy. These are not the be-all and end-all answers, but they have a place. And as we move forward, they will continue to be a valued component of providing more energy where it is needed.

As people continue to pay more for their electricity usage, struggle to secure the required power requirements to carry on with “business as usual,” and battle the inefficiencies of their installed power systems, cogeneration maintains as a valued solution. When a business can install anything that operates over 90% efficient, they often jump at the opportunity. With proven technology supporting a lower carbon footprint driven by natural gas, these combined heat and power systems continue to provide investment opportunities where the return on investment is often shorter than 5 years.

It’s all about working together.

To maintain our desired lifestyle while also following our moral obligation to look after the next generation provides us with both challenges and opportunities. We need to use our ingenuity, expertise, and solution-driven nature to help solve these problems. It is not the time to point fingers, but rather to work together to ensure that each problem is solved with the most appropriate solution.

Regardless of how we get there, we need to embrace past technologies while ushering in future possibilities to get us to a more effective energy landscape.

Power on!


Posted by Reuben Siebenga | Dec 3, 2019 | Categories: Power Generation