ERA Launches $55MM Energy Savings for Business Fund

If you’re a resident of Alberta with a passion for green power, here’s how you can benefit.

T&T Power Group is pleased to announce that Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA) has just launched a 55 million-dollar initiative for energy efficiency projects as of February 2nd, 2021, permitting funding for a maximum of $250,000 in project costs per facility and a maximum of $500,000 per company.

Named “Energy Savings for Business”, the goal of ERA' new program is to reduce emissions while also decreasing operating costs and assisting businesses with the growth of their operations - allowing them to become more competitive, while also developing skilled jobs and boosting economic recovery.

If you’re wondering which energy efficiency products and onsite power production technologies are eligible for incentives through this new program, know that it’s quite a vast range. ERA has provided a list of examples of eligible efficiency products:

The following is included in the new incentive, but not limited to:

  • - Compressed air measures
    - Process heating
    - Refrigeration
    - Food service
    - HVAC
    - Motors and drives
    - Water heating
    - Solar PV
    - Combined heat and power (CHP)
    - Lighting systems
    - Building envelope and windows

Of the above list, two products that our T&T Power Group specializes in to help businesses save money include CHP (Combined Heat and Power) and motor drives (Variable Frequency Drives/ VFDs).

What efficiencies can be achieved with CHP technology?

Combined Heat and Power, also known as CHP, cogeneration, or simply cogen, is the utilization of two energy sources from a single fuel source. Our team at T&T Power Group builds versatile CHP systems that can run on either natural gas, propane, or even field-grade wellhead gas to generate electricity, while the heat is captured and utilized on-site. For example, the heat could be used to pre-heat water for a boiler, or even to provide cooling through a chiller.

Cogeneration systems offer some of the highest efficiencies of any green power generation technology. In fact, total energy efficiency in a CHP system can reach up to 90%, while conventional utility grid efficiencies are ~37%. This means that your greenhouse gas (GHG) footprint can be reduced significantly by choosing CHP - by as much as 50%!

T&T Power is the leading Siemens gas engine distributor in Canada, and can match electrical and thermal output to site needs and maximize energy efficiency. To find an estimation of what your energy bill savings would be with CHP, try our online CHP Calculator tool. It’s easy to use, and will provide you with quite an accurate result!

Want to learn more about T&T Power’s CHP experience?

Check out our CHP Case Studies, such as when we helped state-of-the-art greenhouse facility Aleafia Health to upgrade and modernize their operation with a turnkey CHP solution using two of our Siemens SGE-24SL engines - or when we installed CHP units for two GTA condominium complexes to create cheaper power, free hot water, and significant savings that will only continue to grow.

What efficiencies can be achieved with VFDs?

Variable Frequency Drives, also known as VFDs, or simply drives, are controllers that match the power supply for electric motors to the actual energy requirement of the equipment, thus saving energy. They do this by varying the voltage and frequency of the power supply, regularly achieving energy use savings of up to 40%.

VFDs not only save energy by improving system efficiency, but they also save on capital expenses by reducing mechanical stresses on equipment from starts & stops, and through reducing the size of the electric motor required. T&T Power Group is a proud Danfoss solutions partner, the global market leader in VFDS - and can help you assess your facility operation.

To learn about whether you should be using a VFD for your application or energy efficiency project, our article “When Should You Choose a VFD?” talks all about that.

Want to learn more about T&T Power’s VFD experience?

Check out our VHD Case Studies, such as when we designed and built a VFD Line Sync system for Arctic Sands Thermal Industries within a short eight-week time frame, including delivering the product to Calgary for integration into an E-House.

Eligibility for ERA’s new energy efficiency project funding program

ERA’s new program is targeted to small and medium-sized businesses in Alberta, therefore your facility must be located in Alberta and must use eligible contractors to qualify.

Furthermore, eligible organizations include the following non-exhaustive list:

- Individual businesses
- Non-profit organizations
- Co-operatives
- Private schools not eligible for government funding
- The common spaces and equipment in multi-unit residential buildings
- Farms registered as a business.

Living in Alberta, and ready to start saving money and energy with ERA and T&T?

Seeing as ERA’s new program is operating on a first come-first served basis, it is highly recommended that you register your energy efficiency project before the fund runs out.

Contact our team at T&T Power Group today for an energy efficiency estimate, or to learn more about how you can benefit from ERA’s new funding initiative in Alberta.

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Posted by Paul Walker | May 28, 2021 | Categories: Power Distribution, Power Generation