How Have VFDs been Affected by IIoT?

Here’s how IIoT adds value to VFD systems.

IIoT is becoming more and more important to industrial operations. When paired with VFDs, industrial operations can realize massive benefits in a number of ways. In this article, we’re going to introduce you to these vast advantages.

But, what exactly is IIoT?

IIoT is a broad term that describes the network of industrial control systems devices connected by communications technologies. IIoT allows for data analysis in real time, which can help to gain understanding of a businesses’ processes and identify areas of inefficiency.

As a result of this connectivity, systems are formed that can perform a number of tasks such as to monitor, collect, exchange and analyze data. In an industrial setting, devices that make use of IIoT include scanners, computerized mobile workstations, and other electronic devices with access to a common pool of information.

What is a VFD (Variable Frequency Drive)?

The VFD control panel or VFD controller (aka AC drive, inverter or variable speed drive) is the motor device used for controlling AC motor speed and torque through changing input voltage and frequency in electrical systems.

But just how does IIoT add value to VFD systems? Well, let’s talk about the benefits of VFD combined with IIoT below:

Access from anywhere:

IIoT allows engineers to easily monitor the status of equipment remotely. Workers can respond to disruptive alerts quickly, making production as efficient as possible.

Many access points:

Multiple interfaces can allow access to the same data. This helps to keep duties consistent across operations.

Real-time analysis:

Any WiFi-connected devices will allow for real-time data monitoring and analysis. This further adds to a more productive and smooth operation.

IIoT and Predictive Maintenance:

o IIoT allows for the ability to constantly monitor conditions and parameters.

o This means that engineers can track trends that could indicate the need for maintenance, so they’ll never be in the dark about any potential upcoming issues.

o Furthermore, predictive maintenance allows engineers to fix things before they break, which minimizes downtime.

Efficient operations:

o A higher VFD efficiency is achieved with IIoT, leading to substantial cost and energy savings.

o Reduce average energy usage and lower emissions are also achieved, which is much better for the environment.

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Posted by Ben Tinklin | Sep 16, 2021 | Categories: Power Distribution