Thinking About Industrial Power Solutions This Year?

Over the past few decades, the global electricity and gas markets have changed dramatically.

More specifically, the supply and distribution of these utilities have caused the industry to adapt, transform, and evolve with respect to how energy utilization is being managed.

The industry is becoming more environmentally responsible. Renewables are being viewed as “good for business,” and curbing carbon emissions will grow exponentially as a way to enhance their bottom line. Energy management will continue to not only serve as a way to survive, but as a way to thrive. As businesses continue to take their energy strategies into their own hands, their actions will shape the world – demonstrating that adaptation is not only doable, but effectual.

Customers are demanding more environmentally-focused solutions. Industry is taking note, as many are finding alternative ways to procure their electricity as a way to stay competitive from an image perspective. The industry is using its energy strategies as a way to promote green or environmental efforts, in order to attract and appease clients and customers.

As global constituents, we are persuaded by the idea that what is good for the environment is good for us, as well as for our future generations. Industrial organizations are witnessing this, and using this to not only promote themselves, but also benefit from solutions that are less-than-traditional.

The procurement of renewable or generated energy is being considered by more authorities as good for business.

These options are not only becoming more cost-effective, but are also transforming into opportunities for reducing risks from unreliable traditional energy distribution networks, thus improving resiliency and creating value.

To add to these solutions, the industry as a whole is also realizing that greener solutions provide opportunities to offset carbon emissions.

With our current energy climate, and even more so into the foreseeable future, emissions will be the linchpin for the industry and its energy solutions. As countries, provinces and municipalities all strive to adhere to certain climate goals, their duty will be to reduce their carbon footprint. So not only will energy solutions be good for business, but as a lessened impact on the environment is ushered in, industry will realize their solutions help the greater good.

More businesses are generating some portion of their electricity onsite. Whether this is coming from onsite renewables, cogeneration, or onsite batteries – a large portion are doing so to ensure the price of their utility and to diversify where their energy is coming from, in addition to cost savings and of course, resiliency.

These motives support the idea that those within the industry want to have greater control over their energy supplies in terms of price, quality and reliability. Creating a plan to become more self-sufficient is not likely to subside anytime soon. The resiliency of the industry’s energy supply coupled with cost savings creates a landscape in which experimentation is welcome.

What is your business doing to benefit from these transitions?

How can you plan for a more reliable, cost effective, and high-quality energy supply? Is your energy solution adaptable to the shifts that will continue to create waves as these changes continue to root themselves in what is a prerequisite to doing business today?

As Barack Obama once said, “If you're walking down the right path and you're willing to keep walking, eventually you'll make progress.”

Be the Change, and Power On.


Posted by Reuben Siebenga | Jan 3, 2020 | Categories: Power Generation