ERA Launches $55MM Energy Savings for Business Fund

Posted by Paul Walker in Power Distribution, Power Generation

If you’re a resident of Alberta with a passion for green power, here’s how you can benefit.T&T Power Group is pleased to announce that Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA) has just launched a 55...

How to Maximize Your Prime Power Generation

Posted by Yves Vachon in Power Generation

There’s power in numbers: Get the most out of your power generation with this one simple strategy

When calculating the size of a prime power generation plant, there are two general options to be...

What You Should Know Before Purchasing a Generator for Your Home

Posted by Ron Bougram in Power Generation

Research and planning is essential for making the right decision.

As always, it’s critical for a person do their research before buying a generator for their home.

When Should You Choose a VFD (Variable Frequency Drive)?

Posted by Clayton Taylor in Power Distribution


In many cases, a VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) is required for electric motors to ensure optimal performance of an application. Let’s talk about the certain situations where you should...

Solving the Problem of Loud and Noisy Home Generators

Posted by Ron Bougram in Power Generation

Here’s how to ensure you don’t become “that” neighbour.

There’s no better feeling than having the ability to keep your power going during an outage, vs. dealing with the pains of being unprepared....

Top 4 Reasons to Service Your Generator During the Canadian Winter

Posted by Ron Bougram in Power Generation

Every generator should be winter-ready.

It’s critical for every generator owner to perform regularly scheduled maintenance - whether they’re providing backup power for their home, their farm, or...

Important Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Residential Generator

Posted by Ron Bougram in Power Generation

First time buying a power generator for your home? We’ve got you covered.

You’re looking to purchase a residential generator. That’s great! But before making your pick, it’s best to go into the...

How is Ontario Managing the Electricity Cost Problem As We Head into 2021?

Posted by Ben Tinklin in Power Generation

For Ontario consumers, the 2020 fall budget outlook is a lot to handle. Here’s what you should know.

With COVID-19 showing no signs of slowing down, the Ontario government has constructed a...

75% Project Funding: Industrial Energy Efficiency, Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (IEE CCUS)

Posted by Paul Walker in Power Distribution

The Alberta Government has released a new $80 million initiative for energy efficiency projects, where up to 75% of project costs can be funded.

The intent of the program is to reduce emissions,...

How T&T Power Group Completed a Pivotal Infrastructure Upgrade for Metro Vancouver

Posted by Tilo McAlister in Power Distribution

The project presented several key challenges, and these three organizations overcame them all.

Delta, B.C’s Metro Vancouver Regional District’s Annacis Island Wastewater Treatment Plant (MV...