This Thanksgiving, be Fully Prepared With a Backup Power Generator

It’s that time of year again. Sure, you’re prepared, but just how prepared are you?

It’s time to dig into the back of your dresser and pull out those stretchy pants. Yes, the ones that allow you to go up for seconds and thirds on your Aunt’s hash brown casserole.

Then as you gorge on all the trimmings of your family’s holiday feast, you may have to sit through your more-than-inappropriate Uncle Sam as he shares his thoughts on a particular political party’s ways, and how these will bring the entire country and world closer to its ultimate demise – but hey, you’re used to that.

Imagine this: the stage is set, and the family is on their way. You’ve brushed off the dust from that Canadian-sized football, arranged the dried corn and pumpkins on the front stoop, and thanked Frobisher for his 1578 voyage.

You had told everyone to leave a little early in case the weather takes a turn, as it often does in the great white north. The weatherman warned about some likelihood of a storm – but now the wind and freezing rain has made driving treacherous. As you look out at the large maple tree that usually drapes the road with its abundant foliage, the weight of the lower branches snap – taking down the power lines that provide you with sweet, sweet electricity.

What do we have here? Yep, a power outage… just in time for the holidays.

As the guests start to arrive, and the turkey sits uncooked in your oven, you find yourself asking Uncle Sam: “Why do I not have a backup power generator?

Would this be you? Would you be prepared to welcome your guests into a well-lit, well-ventilated home and the perfect feast, even if you were hit by an unexpected storm? Well, it can be you – you just need to prepare with a residential backup power generator.

Don’t fret: T&T Power Group can be your holiday hero.

If you’re looking to avoid all the problems that come with not being backup power-prepared over the holidays, or anytime, for that matter – our T&T Power Group has your back. Our power generator experts will gladly come to your host location and provide you with the right options so you can keep your guests and family members on your good side this Thanksgiving, this Christmas and beyond.

Don’t go down in history as the world’s worst hosts. Create a plan, and give us a call.

Power on!


Posted by Reuben Siebenga | Oct 8, 2019 | Categories: Power Generation