75% Project Funding: Industrial Energy Efficiency, Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (IEE CCUS)

Posted by Paul Walker in Power Distribution

The Alberta Government has released a new $80 million initiative for energy efficiency projects, where up to 75% of project costs can be funded.

The intent of the program is to reduce emissions,...

How T&T Power Group Completed a Pivotal Infrastructure Upgrade for Metro Vancouver

Posted by Tilo McAlister in Power Distribution

The project presented several key challenges, and these three organizations overcame them all.

Delta, B.C’s Metro Vancouver Regional District’s Annacis Island Wastewater Treatment Plant (MV...

Here's What Ontario's Global Adjustment Freeze Means for Class A Customers

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In a news release Friday, June 26th, the Ontario government announced plans to stabilize electricity rates for participants in the Province’s Industrial Conservation Initiative (ICI). Effective...

Ontario PCs are deferring a portion of the Global Adjustment. How will this affect your hydro bill?

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Global Adjustment Fees reduced during COVID-19

For many, Ontario's Global Adjustment Fee needs no introduction. 'GA' - as most people call it, accounts for more than half of a typical...

Exploring VFDs in Data Centres

Posted by Reuben Siebenga in Power Distribution

Have you been wondering about our data centres recently?

Through writing about power distribution components and how they benefit different industries, I made a realization that I hadn’t yet...

4 Industries That Benefit from Power Distribution Installations

Posted by Reuben Siebenga in Power Distribution

An obvious assumption, often made while looking at energy consumption, is that certain industries use a greater amount of electricity when compared to others.

While textile manufacturing,...

How Can Variable Frequency Drives Help Mitigate Problems and Ensure the Most Efficient Resource Extraction Processes?

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Within the heavy industry exists a lot of equipment requiring large amounts of energy to operate properly.

In order to truly understand the capabilities of these processes, it really takes being...

Two Main Components of Power Distribution Systems

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Why are we so dependent on switchgear and switchboards?

What comes to mind when you read or hear the term “Power Distribution”?

Perhaps it might conjure up images of power plants, or tremendous...