Everything You Should Know About Power Purchase Agreements

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Is your commercial or industrial establishment employing the smartest energy strategy?

Power Purchase Agreements are used to finance a range of energy projects. With that said, they can be rather...

Exploring the Top Reasons Why Preventative Maintenance is Critical for Your Generator

Posted by Bill Henderson in Power Generation

Have you been servicing your genset as you should?.

Recent extreme weather events in southern Ontario brought winds strong enough to uproot trees, rip the roofs off of homes and snap utility poles in...

Fighting the Global Adjustment: How to Get from ICI Class B to Class A for Significant Cost Savings

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Here’s how you can use enhanced demand management to reduce Global Adjustment fees.

Vijay is an energy manager at large manufacturing plant in Southwestern Ontario*. When he first took the post...

Comparing the Top 5 Ways to Save on Global Adjustment Fees

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Here are some of the most effective ways for Class A customers to cut costs.

Customers who participate in Ontario’s Industrial Conservation Initiative (ICI), pay Global Adjustment fees based on their...

What to Look For in a Power Generator Warranty

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Your generator is a serious long-term investment - here’s your guide to selecting your coverage contract wisely.

When it comes to warranties, the last thing any genset owner needs is surprises.

Comparing Standby, Prime, and Continuous Ratings for Generators

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These robust units aren’t a one-size-fits-all

For anyone considering a power generator investment for their industrial facility or commercial business, they have a few options to choose from: standby...

How a Greenhouse in Leamington Overcame the Electricity Shortage Using Cogeneration

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From lack of supply to unreasonably high electricity rates, growers don’t have to suffer.

Currently in Ontario, the Leamington-Kingsville area is experiencing unprecedented growth due to the...

Exploring CHP (Combined Heat and Power) and the Future of Clean Energy

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Better, cleaner days are ahead for our power grid and gas system.

Combined heat and power (CHP) systems, also known as Cogeneration systems, are an integral part of our energy future in Canada and...

Ontario’s ICI Freezing Comes to Halt; Facilities Can Resume Incentivized Peak Demand Reduction

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Are you a Class A customer taking advantage of the ICI?

After the Ontario government took action to help aid in Covid-19-related economic recovery with its mandatory freezing of the ICI program...

What’s the Deal With Ontario’s Global Adjustment Fee?

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Let’s dig a little deeper into what you’re actually paying for 

Ontario’s electricity prices have been skyrocketing for over a decade – something we can attribute to the Global Adjustment (GA): a fee...