What Makes the Siemens SGE-EM The Best in Its 2MW Engine Class

This engine series deserves a spotlight

Siemens is renowned for their innovation in the power generator market - and one of their engines in particular; the SGE-EM series, might just be the most competitive of them all.

Let’s explore just what makes the Siemens SGE-EM engine the best in its 2MW engine class:

Highest efficiency and lowest emissions:

The SGE-EM series offers the highest electrical efficiency in the industry (45.4%) with its high-efficiency turbochargers and innovative pre-combustion chambers. The engine also produces the lowest emissions with its spark-ignited lean-burn unit.

Reduced maintenance, improved reliability:

Compared to its competitors that typically contain 16 cylinders in its design, the SGE-EM series engines contain 12 unique, high-volume cylinders capable of producing the highest displacement while providing a more robust solution that allows for much easier maintenance.

The SGE-EM is also the only ‘direct drive’ engine available in the 60 Hz market; completely eliminating the need for a gearbox and thus further reducing maintenance and improving reliability.

Smallest footprint:

In an impressively compact design, the powerful natural gas-fueled SGE-EM series engines offer the smallest footprint of its competitive category.

Long life cycle:

The SGE-EM series engine has an impressive 90,000 hours of service prior to the prescribed major overhaul. Once the overhaul is completed, the life cycle is reset for another 90,000 hours – that’s over ten years of continuous duty operation.

Highly flexible:

The most successful power projects should be flexible. For example, what might start as a global adjustment mitigation plant turning on only a dozen times a year should have the capability to be transferred into a continuously operating plant, allowing for a facility to go completely off-grid in the future.

Luckily, the robust overall design of the SGE-EM series ensures optimal flexibility in a broad variety of conditions.

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Posted by Tilo McAlister | Nov 6, 2019 | Categories: Power Generation