GA Busting 101 Webinar

Learn about Ontario's Global Adjustment Fee and what can be done to Reduce it.
Hosted by: Tilo McAlister


Here is What You'll Learn

What Ontario's Global Adjustment Fee (GA) is all about

Class A, Class B, Peak Demand Factors, Coincident Peaks, Opt-in periods and Adjustment Periods? We'll cover them all.

How Ontario's biggest customers cut their hydro bills in half

Learn how generators and batteries can be deployed used to reduce Global Adjustment fees or eliminate them altogether.

Project financing options: Shared Savings Agreements

Get up to speed on the financing mechanisms we use to get GA Busting projects built turnkey using investor's capital.

Batteries vs. Generators

Batteries and Generators will both reduce peak demand, but which technology will work best for you?

The Future of the Industrial Conservation Initiative (ICI)

What we know the future holds, and what we can speculate about the future of the ICI and Global Adjustment fees

10MW 'GA Busting' Case Study

A behind-the-scenes look at one of the largest GA Busting projects in the province


About Tilo McAlister

Tilo McAlister is an outspoken advocate of Distributed Energy Resources, and develops ‘behind the meter’ energy projects with his team at T&T Power Group.

What started as a small standby generator packager 40 years ago, has grown to an award-winning national energy infrastructure company. From their corporate headquarters in Wellesley Ontario and 12 branches strategically located from coast to coast, T&T Power Group has more than 5,000 generator sets under management including more than 50MW of Peak Shaving, CHP and Prime Power. T&T’s expertise in power generation, distribution and application is relied upon by some of Canada’s largest manufacturers, telecoms, and health care facilities.

Tilo has over a decade of cross-industry experience in sales, operations and business development and has enjoyed a steep career trajectory where technology and relationships meet.

Among other accolades, Tilo recently accepted the North American Distributor of the Year Award from Siemens’ engines division on behalf of his team at T&T Power, and is an engaged member of the Ontario CHP Consortium. In his free time, Tilo hones his talents in backyard gardening and photography.