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How Water Facilities Can Reach Energy Neutrality


Featured Expert: Mads Warming
Hosted by Tilo McAlister


Here is What You'll Learn

How Digitalization using sensors and VFDs has proven to help water facilities: 

  • Reduce water leakage
  • Save costs related to stormwater overflow
  • Reach energy neutrality
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About Mads Warming

B.Sc., Civ. Eng Mads Warming is Global Head, Water & Wastewater at Danfoss Drives A/S and Vice Chairman at the board for the Danish Water Technology Association

Mads has more than 25 years of experience with process optimization and online control of water supply facilities, water distribution, irrigation, wastewater canalization systems and wastewater treatment facilities.

Mr Warming has been Strategy Business manager for Danfoss’ previous Instrumentation and Flow business unit (covering water as well as other segments), been positioned in London UK for two years mainly dealing with the larger UK Water Services companies as well as been CEO for Danfoss Analytical (developing new groundbreaking analytical sensor for the global Water and Wastewater industry). In this respect he has been involved in a major EU funded project named SIMBIOSE, with the aim to develop new innovative control strategies for Wastewater treatment plants as well as the needed online sensors to control the facilities. Archived an Innovation award at WEFTEC in the USA for these developments.

Mr Warming has been Vice President at Hach Lange/Danaher (analytical sensors) and Senior Director for Danfoss High Pressure Pumps with focus on the global desalination industry.

Through  global work with the Water & Wastewater Industry for more than 25 years, a lot of theoretical and practical experience has been gained.